Fashion Advertising Through The Ages – Part 1

Though at this point in my life, I’m not really affected by today’s fashion advertising because I know most of it is not directed to my age group.  I’m somewhere in the middle of that crack that’s “not young enough to matter” or “too old to care”!  I am, however, fascinated with the advertising of the past.  I will say it again that I believe I was born in the wrong era.  Someone get me a time machine!  If not a time machine, then I missed the boat for the profession I should have pursued: Fashion Museum Curator!  Hope you enjoy these images!

1900-1909 A Belle-Epoque Break With The Past:

Dressed in the styles of the day, the Gibson Girl wore long skirts and shirtwaist tops over a tightly corseted figure.  By mid-decade, The Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalog was advertising 150 styles of shirtwaist.


1910-1919  Defending The Home Front

Poiret’s influence was still apparent in the 1910’s.  His designs sparked a fad for hobble skirts in the United States, as American dressmakers misinterpreted the narrow lines of the designer’s look.

carrobehosefrenchbeachreclineswimhats veteranmanhosesuitsuniform


IMG_1067 (1)IMG_1068IMG_1069

Responsible Shopping

Clothes Mentor (my place of employment) had a “Girls Night Out” this week which included an extra discount for our customers.  My boss and owner graciously allowed the employees to get an extra discount on top of our regular discount as well.  This was my haul:



Most of the loot I’m going to send to my daughter, Chloe, in California, but the Kate Spade bag and Kendra Scott jewelry is for me!  Can you believe these are my first Kendra Scott pieces?   Oh, and there is a Michael Kors crossbody bag in there as well.  I’ve never been one to spend an obscene amount of money on handbags and other designer items.  This is  because I’ve got 3 kids and for the most part, I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom.  It always surprises me when people come into the store with their designer items to sell and expect to make at least half of what they spent selling it into resale.  It’s not gonna happen!  If you have a really valuable item to sell, you do better selling it yourself on ebay or some other designer resale sites.  On designer items, we research what the item originally cost, what it is re-selling at, and what our customers will be willing to pay for said item.  Occasionally, we make mistakes and price a designer item too high and it will just sit in the store.  Lesson here:  Don’t buy a $1,200 bag and think you will make most of that back when you decide to sell it.  Spending a lot of money on designer items is usually not a good investment.  Pretty much when you buy an expensive item, you say “bye, bye” to that money.

Take a look at the receipt above.  The total cost was 140.25 purchased with store credit.  That’s right.  I sold items from my closet that were no longer faves, so I didn’t spend anything out of pocket!  That makes the hubby really happy!  Oh, I also have $20 left in store credit to spend in the store.  That’s what I call smart shopping!  Before I started working resale, I never owned a designer bag.  Fossil was about as designer as I would get.  Now, I own several beautiful bags, purchased at a tiny fraction of the original cost and on store credit.  I sell something to get something new.  My bags are not the most current, but they are classic and beautiful to me.

Here are some outfits of the week, for those interested:



Skirt Jcrew; Tank, Cardigan, & Necklaces Loft; Shoes Clarks; Kate Spade handbag purchased at Clothes Mentor Cedar Park.

IMG_0999IMG_1003 elephant1IMG_0998

Elephant shorts, tank, sandals Loft; Elephant necklace Clothes Mentor Cedar Park


Dress, Birkenstocks, Vest from Madewell; Necklaces Loft.

Takin’ The Easy Way Out

It’s still hot as Hades here Texas.  The Texas summer heat just turns me into one big lethargic slug.  In the summers, I take it easier in my workouts, cleaning my house takes longer…I just don’t have that “spring in my step” that I have in the cooler months.  In the cooler months, I’m more a Tasmanian Devil of energy!  Going over some snaps from the past few days, I’ve noticed a trend…one-piece dressing:  romper or dress, then slap on a piece or two of jewelry and shoes.  Easy.  Now in the fall, I have the energy and will to think about layering, get a little more creative, but that’s definitely not the case now! Also, I’m still diggin’ the shorter hair!  It basically falls into place in the morning!



Romper JCrew; shoes Madewell; necklace Loft; Coach crossbody purchased at Clothes Mentor Cedar Park



Dress JCrew; Belt (old) Gap; Necklace Loft; Shoes (old) Korkease DSW


Lou and Grey romper (last year) from Loft; Kate Spade bow necklace from Nordstrom Rack; Lace Tom’s Shoes and Michael Kors bag purchased at Clothes Mentor Cedar Park.

Oh, just a reminder if you’re in the Cedar Park/Austin area, Clothes Mentor Cedar Park is having a “Girl’s Night Out” tomorrow evening from 5-8pm.  There is going to be food, wine, and extra discount off the whole store and…a raffel of 2 Kendra Scott pieces from her newest collection!  Please stop in!  We look forward to seeing you!!


There’s Something About Chloe…

Today is my daughter, Chloe’s, 19th birthday today!  I’m a little sad that I can’t celebrate with her.  You see, Chloe is forging a new life in Los Angeles while attending The American Academy of Dramatic Art.  She was one of 30 students picked world-wide for her class.  I’m very proud of her because I know how hard she worked to get where she is.  She is still working hard out in L.A. keeping up with her school work, rehearsals, and working 2 jobs.  She just completed her 1st year with high marks and has been invited back for a 2nd.

So…this post is my way of celebrating my daughter’s birthday from afar.  I will tell you that Chloe is not the wallflower her mother was at her age.  She came out of the womb brimming with confidence and it hasn’t waned since.  She is also the girl who made a point of befriending the new kids at school and stayed out of social cliques.  She definitely has always marched to the beat of her own drum and doesn’t care much what people think of her…she has never sought out the approval of her peers.  She always does what makes her happy.  She is a tend setter, not a follower ever since she was a youngster.  The boys love her because she is not insecure, vain, catty, gossipy, or mean like other females.  She is spontaneous and loves the outdoors.  She is feminine, but not prissy.  She is highly intelligent and well-read.   She is in no way shape or form a “diva”.  When she told us she wanted to pursue acting, she never once did the word “star” enter her vocabulary. She is an old soul.  I swear, if you didn’t know her and had a conversation with her, you would think she is much older. She’s very talented, she’s won awards for her acting in many diverse roles.  She is definitely the girl with that certain “je ne sais quoi”.  I’m so proud to be her mother.  Happy Birthday, Chloe!

IMG_0308 (1)IMG_0309IMG_0192IMG_0193

IMG_0209IMG_0210 (2)IMG_0212IMG_0203IMG_0204IMG_0205IMG_0208IMG_0206

IMG_0194IMG_0195IMG_0197IMG_0297 (1)IMG_0303 (1)IMG_0304IMG_0198IMG_0199IMG_0279IMG_0254IMG_0258IMG_0280 (1)IMG_0282IMG_0248IMG_0220IMG_0283IMG_0281IMG_0222IMG_0294 (1)IMG_0249IMG_0247IMG_0253IMG_0252IMG_0287IMG_0288IMG_0289IMG_0290 (1)IMG_0219IMG_0266IMG_0265IMG_0264IMG_0262IMG_0263IMG_0261IMG_0244IMG_0245IMG_0259IMG_0260IMG_0215IMG_0214IMG_0217IMG_0218IMG_0268IMG_0269IMG_0271IMG_0274IMG_0267 (1)IMG_0295IMG_0296IMG_0292IMG_0291 (1)


IMG_0240IMG_0238 (1)IMG_0243


IMG_0891IMG_0230IMG_0237IMG_0191 (6)

Style Icons Part 2

Like most women, I have many favorite style icons, most of them from the entertainment industry, as opposed to personalities from the fashion industry.  Most of the women whose style I admire are dead now (I always have had the feeling that I belong in another time period).  I also realize that I’m not built like any of them!  Since I am an hourglass, the closest would be Marilyn Monroe without her beautiful (natural!) bust line!  I tend to admire the ballerina, straight up and down, flat-chested physique.  Here are some of my favorites:

audrey  audreyfaceaudreygown

Audrey Hepburn:  What I take from her is simplicity and minimalism.  Oh, and a strong brow can make you look younger!  I pay attention to my brows more now as I get older!



Grace Kelley and Jackie Kennedy Onassis:  Again, I’m not built like either one, but what I can take from them is their lady-like elegance and grace under pressure.


Liza Minnelli:  Ms. Liza with a “Z”!  Though not considered conventionally beautiful, it doesn’t matter!  This woman has sass and talent to spare.  What I take from her is…be original!  What might be considered beauty flaws or weaknesses are actually strengths that make You unique and stand out!


Umm…I have to put Debbie Harry in here because she is so badass and she completely blew my middle-school brain when she hit the music scene!

Now…At The Movies:


This is probably the most famous “movie” dress there is!  I’ve actually seen it in person at the “Oscar Winner’s Costume Exhibit” in L.A. this past January and I have to tell you I got somewhat emotional seeing it in person.  The dress had some slight yellowing in the underarm area, but it was fascinating to see the dress that “put the nail in the coffin” of Marilyn’s marriage to Joe DiMaggio.  I would say that the dress was either a size 2 or 4 by today’s standards.  I could fit the dress, but again, I wouldn’t fill in the bust as beautifully as she did!  At the same exhibit, I saw one of her costumes from “Some Like It Hot”, which she filmed a few years after “The 7-Year Itch”.  It was slightly larger, I would say an 8 or 10 by today’s sizing.  At this time she was pregnant and had a miscarraige during the filming of this movie.

O.K….Now on to my favorite movie dress of all time!!!!!


This little green number worn by Keira Knightley in “Atonement”.  Keira Knightly is not “stacked” by any means.  She is built more like Audrey Hepburn, but this dress fit her like a dream!!!  And, it just so happens that this movie has one of my favorite love scenes of all time:

You don’t see a lot, but man is it powerful!  I loved the book and the movie!

Now, here are some workday looks.  What do you think?  Have I learned from my style icons?  With a little bit of this and a pinch of that, I’ve created a style that I’m comfortable with at this time in my life.  One thing I’ve learned, though…that style doesn’t mean a thing if there is no substance to the person wearing the clothes.


Dress Lou and Grey purchased at Loft; Necklace, Blowfish sandals, and Michael Kors bag purchased at Clothes Mentor Cedar Park.


Dress and necklaces Loft; shoes Clarks; Kate Spade handbag purchased at Clothes Mentor Cedar Park; rings from Madewell.

Tooling Around Austin And Hot Weather Outfits!

I know many fashion bloggers are blogging about “fall transitional” looks, but I just can’t do it when it’s 120 degrees (slight exaggeration) here!  Here in Austin, TX, I usually notice a cooling off around Halloween.  Around this time, it’s still hot as Hades during the day, but in the evenings, you might need a light cardigan or jacket to take your kiddos out for trick-or-treat.  January and February are the coldest months here…and that’s about the extent of our winter.

So, here are some pics from this weekend tooling around Austin starting with dinner at  Shady Grove:


Then a stop at the famous Waterloo Records, because of my music fanatic hubby:


We also stopped at the Buffalo Exchange for me (didn’t find what I was looking for), and  stopped  for a picture of Antone’s Record store next door, because there was an album cover of Buddy Holly’s and I’ve always had a “thing” for Buddy Holly.  It must be the geek glasses!



The outfit of the day was:  Jumpsuit (Lou and Grey from last summer) and necklace Loft; Madewell Sightseer slides; Kate Spade handbag purchased at Clothes Mentor Cedar Park.

Other outfits for the week:



Dress and necklace Loft; Gap sandals (old)


Dress Ann Taylor (this summer); Clarks wedges; Tank, floral pants, and necklace Loft; Sonoma sandals (old) from Kohl’s.  And yes, I really did put a Loft dress form in my entry way!


Necklace. Lou and Grey dress, and sunglasses from Loft; sandals Target;  Dooney and Bourke handbag purchased at Clothes Mentor Cedar Park.


The above dress is actually a bathing suit cover-up by Madewell.  Because it is technically a “cover-up” it was priced lower than Madewell’s usual dresses.  I got it on sale with an extra 30% off, with the final price being under $20!!  I put an old Gap belt to dress it up a bit.  Though notice how low the back is.  I don’t have a bra that goes that low, so…I just didn’t wear one!  Being a small cup girl has its advantages!  I guess I could also use a Gap Fit bralette that I have from Gap for layering, but it’s just so hot!!!  The necklace is from Loft and the Birkenstock Gizeh sandals are from Amazon.  The Dooney and Bourke crossbody was purchased at Clothes Mentor Cedar Park.

Stay cool, y’all!!

Style Icons – Part I

I remember being a 9-year-old ugly duckling when the Donny and Marie Show premiered on T.V. back in the mid 70’s.  I remembered being enthralled with Marie Osmond with her perfect skin, perfect figure, and perky personality.


I sooo wanted to be Marie Osmond!  She was wholesome, beautiful, and talented.  I even made my parents buy me her skin care line at KMART hoping it would help my face morph into Marie’s.  No such luck.  What did happen was a red, scally, itchy face from all of the alcohol in the products!  Then 2 years later, something changed…BAM!!!!!


GREASE!!!  Olivia Newton-John as “Tart” Sandy!  What a revelation!  Goody-two-shoes Sandy couldn’t get Danny Zucko, but slutty Sandy could!  Was I the only one who got those red slides by Candies?  I think not!!!  First high heel!  But then another change…I heard Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album and became entranced by the white witch herself, Stevie Nicks.


Stevie Nicks is undeniably the sexiest woman in rock covered in 18 pounds of clothing!  Oh, and that voice, especially when joined with Lindsey Buckingham’s.  Pure magic.  To this day I don’t understand all of her lyrics,  they often leave me baffled, but it doesn’t matter because of the magical imagery they evoke.


When I was in high school, Madonna came on the scene, and while I liked her albums, I had no desire to emulate her.  There was no mystery, no fantasy, no trying to interpret her lyrics through rose-colored glasses.  Stevie still remains to be my mystery girl!


Stevie at her best:

And while I will never be as cool as Stevie Nicks, sometimes a certain dress will make me feel like I’ve tip-toed into her realm.  Who was your style icon?


This is a Free People dress.  I don’t have any tall platform boots, so I will substitute with some old pointe shoes I found from when I use to dance!

IMG_0873 (1)pointe1stIMG_0872

I didn’t remember how painful pointe shoes use to be, it’s been awhile.  This is from just a few minutes messing around with them.  Well, I still think they are more comfortable than stilettos!


Free People dress, Fossil bag, and Kork-Ease shoes were purchased at Clothes Mentor Cedar Park.  Necklace from Loft, pointe shoes Gaynor Minden