Style Icons – Part I

I remember being a 9-year-old ugly duckling when the Donny and Marie Show premiered on T.V. back in the mid 70’s.  I remembered being enthralled with Marie Osmond with her perfect skin, perfect figure, and perky personality.


I sooo wanted to be Marie Osmond!  She was wholesome, beautiful, and talented.  I even made my parents buy me her skin care line at KMART hoping it would help my face morph into Marie’s.  No such luck.  What did happen was a red, scally, itchy face from all of the alcohol in the products!  Then 2 years later, something changed…BAM!!!!!


GREASE!!!  Olivia Newton-John as “Tart” Sandy!  What a revelation!  Goody-two-shoes Sandy couldn’t get Danny Zucko, but slutty Sandy could!  Was I the only one who got those red slides by Candies?  I think not!!!  First high heel!  But then another change…I heard Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album and became entranced by the white witch herself, Stevie Nicks.


Stevie Nicks is undeniably the sexiest woman in rock covered in 18 pounds of clothing!  Oh, and that voice, especially when joined with Lindsey Buckingham’s.  Pure magic.  To this day I don’t understand all of her lyrics,  they often leave me baffled, but it doesn’t matter because of the magical imagery they evoke.


When I was in high school, Madonna came on the scene, and while I liked her albums, I had no desire to emulate her.  There was no mystery, no fantasy, no trying to interpret her lyrics through rose-colored glasses.  Stevie still remains to be my mystery girl!


Stevie at her best:

And while I will never be as cool as Stevie Nicks, sometimes a certain dress will make me feel like I’ve tip-toed into her realm.  Who was your style icon?


This is a Free People dress.  I don’t have any tall platform boots, so I will substitute with some old pointe shoes I found from when I use to dance!

IMG_0873 (1)pointe1stIMG_0872

I didn’t remember how painful pointe shoes use to be, it’s been awhile.  This is from just a few minutes messing around with them.  Well, I still think they are more comfortable than stilettos!


Free People dress, Fossil bag, and Kork-Ease shoes were purchased at Clothes Mentor Cedar Park.  Necklace from Loft, pointe shoes Gaynor Minden

One thought on “Style Icons – Part I

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