My Adult Disneyland

I was lucky enough to grow up close to Disneyland as a kid.  I also enjoyed it as an adult taking my young family there and seeing it through their eyes when we still lived in Southern California.  I haven’t been back to Disneyland for many years, but have now found a place right here in my hometown of Austin, TX called “The Stitch Lab”!  The Stitch Lab is a fabric store which also host “how to” classes from the many aspects of clothing construction, quilting, oilcloth, jewelry making…just about anything your little D.I.Y. heart desires!  They even have classes for men!  I’ve taken 5 classes from them so far and a private class with an instructor on how to operate my new serger as there was no way in hell I was going to figure this machine out without some help!  The atmosphere of the shop feeds creativity and I always feel uplifted after completing a class.  I’ve met so many nice people and the classes kind of have a social party atmosphere, especially if you take a class from Niku!

Here is my latest class project from the “Simple Skirts” class where we learned to draft a pattern according to our own personal measurements:

IMG_3108flowers1classskirtIMG_3103 (1)IMG_3104IMG_3100IMG_3101 (1)IMG_3102

I bought a few Clothing Patterns here from small independent pattern makers and found that they are much more clear with their instructions, unlike the patterns made from the big companies (McCalls, Butterick, Simplicity, Burda, ect.).  Many of them put their instructions in booklet form with many illustrations. They are also very hip and unique in their designs.


I kinda dig the idea of not looking like everyone with else with their latest purchases from H&M, Forever 21, Gap and so on….  You can do that with independent patterns and the whole slew of fabric choices.  I’m just impatient because it is taking me awhile to quire some skill.  I want what I want and I want it now!!!  If anything, sewing has certainly helped me to develop some patience.

This is going to be my next project with a pattern from and fabric by Gertie Hirsch purchased from JoAnn’s:


Yes, another skirt, but in the summer, I’m a skirt and dress girl all the way.  You know…natural air-conditioning!

So what is your “Adult Disneyland”?  What makes you feel like a kid again?  What activity do you do or where do you go as an adult (besides the bar and drinking) that gives you joy?

Adult Coloring Books

Lately, I’ve been noticing a growing inventory of adult coloring books at Half Price Books.  Coloring book for adults, you ask?  Actually, coloring is suppose to be a really good reducer of stress.  I’ve kept passing up on the ones at Half Price Books, even though I was intrigued, but I found these on Amazon and jumped on these:


Amazon has a slew of fashion coloring books!  You can pick whatever era you want!  Most of them come with some written history of the time period, so it is also educational!


I remember loving to color as a kid ( I can’t draw anything other than stick people), so that added with period fashion is a win-win for me!

I gave in and picked these up at Half Price Books:


I don’t know if my stress level is reduced while using these, but I am having fun!


On another note…look what I found at the Austin airport a couple of weeks back!  I figured I needed a Texas tee since I’ve been a resident for almost 10 years.


Tee styled with Madewell mules and cropped bootcut jeans.  Perfect for our perfect 76 degrees today!