I’ve had some incarnation of the bob hairstyle for most of my adult life.  I’ve grown it out to a longer shoulder length, but then I just end up cutting it back to some form of a bob.  There was one,time, when I was a young mother in the 90’s, that I went really short because I was a big fan of Country Singer, Martina McBride.  We are the same age (6 months apart) and our first babies were born within days of each other.  I also thought (and still do) that she is drop dead gorgeous!  I was hoping a little bit of her gorgeousness would rub off on me through wishful thinking and getting a cut similar to hers at the time.  Here is the inspiration:


Here I am, not quite reaching Martina’s realm of beauty, but a short cut was certainly the way to go when I had 2 young children practically back to back!


Well, now many years later, I’m having a go with short hair again.  Who knows?  I may decide to keep some incarnation of the Pixie cut for a while.  I usually like my hair best 2 weeks after it has been initially cut.


Not sure if it was the most practical thing to do right before it gets cooler here in Austin, TX, but one thing is for certain, I will always love tweaking my hair, whether it be color or cut.  It’s one of the great things about being female…we have so many ways to reinvent ourselves!

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